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Welcome to Philadelphia Jazz Project

If You Only Read One Book In Life…

If you only read one book in life… Don’t. This was the heading of a series of social media posts that we started starting about a month ago. These posts were developed in collaboration with our partner, Books & Stuff - a book shop with whom we have done multiple Jazz book raffles, to emphasize importance of reading and highlight,   Read More....

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Anwar Marshall - The Most Traveled - Mixtapes

  Since 2014, The Mysterious Traveler Concert Series, which takes place at the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia in downtown, Philadelphia has become one of the most exciting musical events in the city. The series has introduced dozens of local artists to thousands of Philadelphia audience members. It has presented such   Read More....

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The Known Unknown - Celebrating Bill Barron & Ted Curson - Mixtapes

In October 2015, at the American Philosophical Society, PJP presented a tribute concert for two talented Philadelphia artists; saxophonist Bill Barron and trumpeter, Ted Curson, who were in the thick of things during what was called, "The New Thing" in Jazz in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They also had the distinction of working with   Read More....

Tags : KnownUnknown BillBarron TedCurson Celebration MakandaProject Quicksand MakandaKenMcIntyre SamReed MatthewStewart JohnKordalewski BillLowe JerrySabatini JoeFord Ku-umbaFrankLacy WesBrown HeruShabaka-Ra DanBlacksberg TerryLawson TimBrey SunnySunkett LamarPrince MarkGriffith CarolHarris JamesSolomon KennyBarron TootieHeath JimmyHeath LegendaryHasaan JohnColtrane BennyGolson AmericanPhilosophicalSociety PhillyJazz

The Long Walk Home Mixtape

...they bring the Ibos over in a slave ship & when they get here, they ain't like it & so they all start singing & they march right down in the river to march back to Africa                                 Floyd White - Federal Writers Project   Read More....

Tags : WaltWhitman Whitman WhitmanAt200 Poet Poetry WhitmanCelebration IboLanding Ibo StSimonsIsland Georgia SongsOfTheOpenRoad Camden Philadelphia UPennLibraries KislakCenter WaverlyAlston TobyVEnTMartin JamesSolomon HomerJackson Bethlehem JackDrummond MalikHenry RichardHill JazzMixtape Mixtape PhillyJazz

Matthew Stewart - The Freedmans Bureau Suite

  Since 2014, The Mysterious Traveler Concert Series, which takes place at the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia in downtown, Philadelphia has become one of the most exciting musical events in the city. This innovative series directly celebrates the massive and amazing collections of the Free Library of Philadelphia by   Read More....

Tags : MysteriousTraveler InternalInvestigations FreeLibrary Philadelphia Wilmington Delaware MatthewStewart Trumpet DonaldByrd TedCurson StreetlightManifesto CivilWar Reconstruction Freedman'sBureau Moors EnslavedAfricans NativeAmericans USCongress CensusRecords J.A.Rogers RonSutton DexterKoonce EhudGuy AaronWalker ChristinaCulturalArtsCenter PhillyJazz

Not The Only One - Revisiting Summer 2019

Last summer, the Philadelphia Jazz Project had the good fortune to work with the University of Pennsylvania Libraries' Kislak Center on the celebration of Walt Whitman's 200th birthday. We presented a series of walks, singing walks thru the streets of Philadelphia. Working with the creative team of Toby VEnT Martin, Waverly Alston and James   Read More....

Tags : WaltWhitman WhitmanAt200 Poet WhitmanCelebration NewSongsOfTheOpenRoad SongsOfTheOpenRoad CivilRightsEra Camden PhiladelphiaUPennLibraries KislakCenter Covid19 HealthCrisis BlacKLivesmatter GeorgeFloyd WaverlyAlston TobyVEnTMartin JamesSolomon EricaCorbo HomerJackson Sing Walk SongsOfAffirmation SongsOfProtest PhillyJazz PhillyGospel PhillySongs SingPhillySing

Summer Sounds 2018 - Greatest Hits Mixtape

During the summer of 2018, in partnership with VISIT PHILADELPHIA, the Philadelphia Jazz Project, presented 90 FREE performances in 45 days in Philadelphia's, historic Old City District. From Friday, June 1 through Friday, September 7, 2018, five different Philadelphia musical ensembles, each presented concerts for three weeks. Back in the   Read More....

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Philly Jazz Quotes

If it hadn't been for him, there wouldn't have been none of us. I want to thank Mr. Louis Armstrong for my livelihood.
                    Dizzy Gillespie

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.